Since 1975 Shree Ganesh Chemicals (SGC) has been focused on providing ultimate professional quality water products, cleaning solutions, and automotive fluids to customers across Gujarat. Our water product samples are tested by Chemists at our factory as well as by sending our water samples to third-party laboratories for testing. At any particular time the Product Certificate of Analysis for all our products are available on request. For perfect quality assurance, after every batch production and before product delivery to the customer, the product quality is ensured by our QA experts.

For all our water products, the typical source of water used for this industrial purpose is usually from rivers, lakes and surface wells. We use tube-well as our source, the natural water always contains dissolved salts like alkaline salts (bicarbonates and carbonates of calcium, magnesium and sodium) and neutral salts (sulfates, chlorides and nitrates of calcium, magnesium and sodium). Other dissolved impurities like silica, dissolved acidic carbon dioxide and metals like iron, magnesium and sodium. These impurities are defined as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). To ensure the best quality of desired water product, removal of these TDS is a vital process and we have the quality latest manufacturing processes set to produce the best product.

At SGC, we ensure the best quality product is delivered to every customer. Our logistic department also follows a strict protocol of making sure the customer gets the delivery within 24 hours of placing the order. Our distribution network is always at par to provide quality service.

Our Vision

"To become leading chemical company which strives to achieve excellence by offering finest supply of desired water & cleaning products. Primarily offer ideal product quality with 100% quality assurance. Our ultimate motive as our logo imbibes respect, trust, loyalty and commitment along with perfect quality, supreme customer satisfaction, reasonable prices and absolute customer service."

Our Mission

"To induce innovation in design, development, manufacturing and distribution of best quality water and cleaning products. To understand and appreciate challenges from our clients and provide excellent customer service."

Our Clientele